Specialy Shovels

Whether you are digging in compacted or rooty soil, digging a narrow trench or hole, or prying a stubborn bush or tree, Wolverine has the shovel to meet your needs.  Our specialty shovel line is made up of shovels that are designed to meet specific landscape challenges.  From our indestructible all-steel shovels to our serrated edge super shovel, we have the right tool for just about any job.


  • Two rivets for strong head to neck attachment
  • Forward turned step
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Northern Ash handles for maximum strength
  • 14 gauge tempered steel blades for superior toughness
  • Sturdy fiberglass handle with solid fiberglass reinforcing core
  • 900 Series feature solid stamped blade which will out perform forged blade
  • Made in the USA

Steel Handle


All Steel Shovel, 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point


All Steel Shovel, 29” D-Handle, #2 Round Point


All Steel Drain Spade, 48” Long Handle, 14” bladee


All Steel Drain Spade, 29” D-Handle, 14” Blade